Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bowled Out and Out of Puff!

I know this is seriously late, but better late than never! First off was Bowled Out!

Sorry, no picture! :( I can't find them!

Anyway this episode isn't my finest. I don't know what it is I don't like, but I really feel like I could have done better. It's not that it's bad... just not what I'd like to be putting out at this stage of my series. Ah well! Here's Bowled Out!

Next up was Out of Puff!

What can I say, it's Henry and the Express! I love this book and all the stories in it! I'm also very pleased with the final product! I used real ashes for ash and real newspaper for the paper mache! Fancy that! Everything seemed to go right with this one and I really enjoyed making it! Check it out for yourself! 

Also check out my Bachmann James review, A Second Look at Bachmann James on my channel! Keep an eye out for Overhaul this coming weekend! 


  1. Hmm,Well I enjoyed 'Out of Puff', and also I like the fact that you used Real Ashes and Real Newspaper, And Also, After 'Overhaul' and 'Sliding Scales' (If you Do Sliding Scales), How will you manage 'Henry Sees Red', There's No WR Red Henry :P

    1. Look a few pages back for a complete episode list!

      Also you'll see what I've done... ;)

  2. Well I took a Look at your Episode List, and I saw 'Sliding Scales' and 'Henry Sees Red', So you are going To do 'Sliding Scales', But Still, How can you do 'Henry Sees Red', There's No Wooden Railway Red Henry From 'Henry Sees Red'