Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Henry the Red(?) Engine

Well this week we saw the release of my favorite story in the Henry and the Express saga, Henry Sees Red. I've got quite a bit to say about this one, so let's dive in!

I'm really proud of this episode! It was easy filming, plus making the red Henry was an easy, but fun project for me! By the way, you'll be seeing several more custom models come Very Old Engines! That's something to look forward too! 

In case anyone was wondering (and I know people are from the comments on the video) this is a totally different Henry model from the one I normally use! It would be really stupid to paint my only Henry model red. You can easily tell it's another Henry because of the funnel too. My green Henry has a wooden one, and Red Henry has a plastic one. Red Henry also has raised coal on his tender, whereas Green Henry has painted coal. What I did was I bought a second Henry from the internet (for like $3 too!) and first (ironically) gave him an undercoat of primer. The gray primer ended up showing a little on the wheels if you look closely. After this I taped off his cab roof and windows I painted him over with a redish/orange paint that ended up fitting the dialogue description of looking like tomato sauce! I'm very happy with how he turned out, and proud to have such a unique custom model!

 Interestingly enough, I'm the only person on YouTube (bar a few Trainz remakes) to attempt to recreate this story!! That's really something special I think!  Check out Henry the Red engine in action now!!! 

Keep your eyes peeled for Mind that Bike soon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sliding Scales released (an announcement too)!

Another Monday treat with the Wooden Railway Series came yesterday with Sliding Scales!

Talk about a short story! I was worried when I typed the script that this would end up running around three minutes in length! When I'd finished I thought about further adapting (I'd already switched out the forklifts for lorries) the story to feature more dialogue in the sheds, at the harbor, etc, but I decided against it because whatever I wrote didn't seem to fit. Well regardless, I'm really pleased with the outcome! I got to use the Horrid Lorries as well as Butch! You can't go wrong with Butch! There is one new trick I tried which really really really didn't work! You'll see that in an outtakes video before too long. In case you were wondering, the 'fish scales' was Kosher Salt. I think everything worked in this episode, but don't just take my word for it! Check it out! 

Boy are you in for a fun treat next week! I've got Henry Sees Red ready and waiting to be shot! I think you'll all love it! I know I'm super excited to film it! Till then! 

Also I should make a quick announcement, I'm switching the order of the episodes up a bit at the last minute. I know, I know, I should have done this long ago, but this makes way more sense in my head. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree will now follow Mind That Bike! and the Season 4 finale will be Paint Pots and Queens. I hope this doesn't offend anyone greatly, but I think it makes more sense to have TATMCT closer to Christmas than Easter. Call me crazy.