Monday, November 26, 2012

An Overhaul is it?

Why yes it is! And this blog post is on time!

Today, we continue the Henry and the Express saga with Overhaul. This was an easy one to film, not requiring many tricky sets. Although Gordon's Hill is always a pain in the rear to make... One little Easter Egg I threw in was the Peel Godred Branch and one of its engines, just like Clive Spong did! See if you can spot them! The only real struggle I had filming this was that stupid brick! It took me several tries to get the brick to hit James in just the right place. I don't even know what causes a brick to fly threw the air...anyhoo... Some of the lighting is really off too, and I couldn't figure out why. The world may never know! 

Stay tuned for some changes to the episode lineup as well as Sliding Scales next week! Also HQ episodes are returning soon! Until next time! 

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