Sunday, October 14, 2012

Train Stops Play and Super Rescue are out now!

After much chaos, I finally got around to making Train Stops Play!

A fairly easy episode to film, Train Stops Play has to be my favorite story in Stepney the Bluebell Engine! I loved the episode as a kid, and I think I did both the original story and the TV Series episode justice in my recreation. No big effects, just fun story telling! Also (to toot my own horn [no pun intended]), I think my Caroline voice was pretty darn good! Make sure you check it out! 

Now on to the big one, I know this one's really gonna rake in the views and subscribers. I am of course talking about my adaptation of Super Rescue!

I wanted to do this episode back when I did the rest of Enterprising Engines back in Season 2, but I didn't have either version of 199. That's when I decided to wait until I recreated Stepney the Bluebell Engine to make this story. Mostly because I needed a visiting engine. :P Anyhoo, this wasn't too hard to film either, although I did end up cutting a lot of footage when the episode ran over nine minutes long! Wait until you see the behind the scenes video for this one! The countryside Main Line set was the longest I've ever built! Make sure to watch it! 

Keep an eye out for Bowled Out next weekend! 


  1. I really like 'Train Stops Play' and 'Super Rescue', and also on 'Super Rescue' you replaced Flying Scotsman with Stepney, but then again you changed the setting to 'Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine', and another thing, You Uploaded 'Thomas and the Jet Engine (US HQ)' as your new US HQ episode, I was expecting 'Emily's New Coaches (US HQ)' :P, before you go 'I don't like Michael Brandon' this is not Michael Brandon narrating this, This is Michael Angelis narrating this release for the US Audiance, and also, for your S7 MB Music Changes you made in 2009/2010, Have you thought of updating these music changes with Muting the New Music and the lines in the Michael Brandon version that are not in the Michael Angelis version, Turn the volume to the middle pase to 'Silence' the S8-12 Music, and Finaly Please make the Classic music more audible than the New Music?

  2. i am remaking this episode soon. It's gonna be awesome! I really need an old style D199 though :(