Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tramway Engines underway!

Sorry this took so long to publish! I'm having issues with uploading pictures!

I kicked Tramway Engines off with Ghost Train almost two weeks ago!

You probably noticed that I used a lot of steam effects in this episode. More so than I usually do! This was completely intentional to give it a similar look to that seen back in Season 2 of the television series. While I wanted the look to be similar to that of the TV series,  I wanted the overall atmosphere to be darker separating me from the TV Series version. To achieve this I used music mostly from Season 5's Haunted Henry  and Duncan Gets Spooked. I think that the music combined with the excessive steam effects gave the episode a darker feel despite it only being a prank. Imagine if I did a really dark story... Anyway the lyme was of course flour stuck on by soaking Percy in water (Poor Percy's had a rough couple of weeks!). We also got to see a location we hadn't seen since Season 2! This being Ffarquhar Yards. This last being seen in Percy's Predicament All and all, I think this is one of my best episodes to date! Watch it below!

Next up in Tramway Engines is Woolly Bear!

What a stick mess this was! Not in a bad way mind! The treacle was really maple syrup and the hay dead grass. The syrup turned put to be much clearer than I anticipated but it was sticky enough! The grass was stuck to Percy with nothing but the syrup! This also marks the return of Knapford Harbor, a location that has had very few appearances, the most recent being in Percy and Harold, but has been mentioned several times since then. This was easier to film than Ghost Train and less extravagent, but I'm incredibly pleased with the result none the less! Watch it now!

Now I'm going to be away for a week and a half starting tomorrow so you can expect Mavis around the 28th of this month. As the Thin Controller said, "Patience is a virtue!" I'm doing that story next Season! 


  1. I Like your Railway Series Renacments of GHOST TRAIN & WOOLLY BEAR, What I Don't like is that Season 3-5 Music Is Used, Because They Were made in Season 2, Not Series 3-4

    1. It was Season 2 in the TV series, but it's Season 4 in my series. So in short, I get to use whatever I want! P:

    2. Sure It is your Season 4 but It's weird Seeing Stories from Seasons 1/2 in the TVS With Season 3-5 music

    3. Continuing from comment above, What does P: mean ? :P