Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Double Mid-Sodor Trouble!

Here's a blog post about the last two episodes of my series, Bulldog and You Can't Win. Let's get going!

Heeeeeey Bulldog! Haha, if you want to get that obscure Beatles reference look here. I really enjoyed making this episode! I think it turned out really well and it wasn't all that hard. Believe it or not, the crash only took two tries, but I did end up cropping it to get my hand out of the shots... grrrr... Anyhoo, all and all, it turned out great! If you haven't, check it out! 

Now we move on to You Can't Win!

This ended up getting pushed back to Monday because of some weekend chaos. Thank goodness for Memorial Day! Again, I'm very proud of this one as well! I experimented with puffing sound effects in this episode and I think it turned out well! I'm not sure I'm going to keep it, but what do you lot think? Not too much was really hard here, but it did take a long time. Lots of hills...lots and lots of hills... Well check it out! 

Stay tuned next week for Sleeping Beauty! That should be out this weekend. Farewell!


  1. Double Mid Sodor Trouble. Nice title for it.