Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thomas' Christmas Party

This blog post is a bit late but oh well! The Season 3 finally has been released at last! On my sixteenth birthday no less!!

I really loved filming this episode! My multi-colored lights went missing at the last minute so I had to use solid green ones. I'm very pleased with how the party scene turned out never the less! I used about a gallon of flour making this episode! I was white for a week! Thomas needs a new snowplow. Toby's was really sturdy, but Thomas' was just pathetic. It was made all the way back in Season 1 for Thomas, Terence and the Snow and I used it for nostalgic purposes. Any hoo it'll be gone next season. It never stayed on right and was very flimsy. Donald and Douglas will also get new snowplows. Anyone notice the Vicar of Ffarquhar cameo? Be sure to give the Season 3 finally a watch (in HD too!) and stay tuned for a Season 3 wrap-up post! Maybe another Q&A too!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Percy to the Rescue released!

An episode I'm very proud of! Adapted from the 1989 annual and the penultimate episode of Season 3!!

Some background on the story: It was first published in the 1989 annual and penned by Christopher Awdry. The story however was very short, so I added material from the TV Series adaptation of A Scarf for Percy, Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure and Snow. Some material was written by me of course. ;) See if you can pick out what bits are from where.  On a behind the scenes note, the snow was all flour.  

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Drip Tank

I should have posted this yesterday but better late than never! (Haha! More About Thomas the Tank Engine humor...)

Nothing too hard about this episode really. Quick, easy, fun! I really like the story and am sorry that it never got to shine in Season 2 of the Television Series like the rest of the book. Enjoy! 

BTW: This is the second time the video still and my behind the scenes image have been exactly the same! :P

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Better Late Than Never out late (better late than never! :P )

Only one day late!

Another easy but great episode! I was surprised how short the Railway Series story is! Like I said, fairly easy to film and quick too! I only filmed for about an hour (the average episode taking an hour and a half to two and a half hours)! Bertie is usually hard to make move properly but this time I hardly had to move him at all! I think the steam looks great too! I recreated my viaduct set to now incorporate two lines and let me just say the new one looks a lot better! But what are you reading this for? Watch the episode for yourself! 

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