Monday, May 14, 2012

Season 3 Wrap-up, Season 4 updates, and some not so happy news...

What do you want first? The Season 3 recap or the not so happy news? Well I'm giving you the bad first.

I've decided that The Wooden Railway Series will end after Season 6. I know that sounds a long way off, but in my reality it's winding down. The whole series is halfway over and this thought makes me a little sad. The reason for this being that I only have three summers left in my house before I go off to college, and I really want to bring the series to a definitive close before then. That doesn't mean I'll be gone for good, it just means I won't be making frequent remakes. I do plan to do some free-lance episodes during the summers when I return. Most likely early Railway Series stories which I did not do in Season 1 (I.E. Thomas the Tank EngineJames the Red Engine, ect.) and some Christopher Awdry specials written for Annuals.

Now back to Season 3! Wow. What can I say? For me Season 3 was amazing! This season took me the longest to film, taking over half a year to film! There were really high highs, and some pretty low lows. One great choice I made was the addition of a full score! Boy, did that improve the whole atmosphere of the episode! This does make the episodes take longer to crank out, but it's well worth the wait I think! Also about half way through I harnessed the power of steam! Literally! We got new humidifiers that spat out think clouds of steam. That really improved the look of the series by a lot! If there's one thing I regret about Season 3 it's  when I started it. I started the Season at a time when I was too busy to release new episodes frequently, as I accidentally timed it right before I went on a two week vacation and right before I restarted school. Hopefully that won't be the case in Season 4. I really enjoyed making Season 3 for you guys! I really love this!

Now for some Season 4 updates. Well one actually. I will be airing the first episode of Season 4, Thomas and the Hurricane, on June 3rd or 4th depending on my schedule. Another thing that may happen in Season 4 is a populated Sodor! While I'm building my HO/00 scale layout I'm going to buy some people for it that can easily inhabit my Wooden Railway world! As for obtaining new characters for Season 4, I still need another Take Along and Wooden Skarloey as well as another Culdee and a Catherine with The Truck. I might get a new Henry too, but I don't know yet.

To Season 4! 

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